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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bypassing Closed Doors: Blogs

     In Bloggers Evade Internet Censorship in Repressive Countries, Richard Seymour, author of the website Lenin's Tomb, argues that blogs are the way to see the people's true, uncensored opinions of their governments even when those governments have censored the Internet. First, he states that like Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, which was smuggled into Russia and eventually helped spark the overthrow of the oppressive tsarist government, political blogs from these censored countries can inspire the people to demand more freedom. Also, Seymour defends the fact that the vast majority of bloggers speak the truth or what is really on their mind, which gives their real opinions about their governments. Additionally, he proves that blogs are the way people can see each others opinions and look at topics of debate without fear of being shown filtered content or propaganda. Finally, he asserts that governments will be unable to censor the Internet entirely because it will always evolve to enable free expression.

Seymour, Richard. "Bloggers Evade Internet Censorship in Repressive Countries." Middle East
388 (Apr. 2008): 62-63. Rpt. in Censorship. Ed. Byron L. Stay. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1997. Opposing Viewpoints. Gale Power Search. Web. 16 Feb. 2012.

     Mr. Seymour is against Internet censoring. He defines his points clearly and effectively, and his evidence is logical and relative to his thesis. The article is very convincing. Personally, I agree with Mr. Seymour. Blogs are run by the people who have the opinions. There are no middle-men who can cut and change what they post. Also, the Internet is a global forum of opinions. No one, whether it be a single person or an entire government, will be able to cut it down or completely censor it. The Internet will always prevail over those who try to oppose it.


  1. Good post Matt! Just a quick typing error; where you said ".... a single person or an i=entire government..." you might want to erase the "i=" part! I agree that the internet really can't be censored, at least not very well. The internet is a fairly new invention when you think about it and if you look at how quickly it grew, you would see the challenge in trying to control the growing/usage of it. It would be like trying to herd a bunch of wild raccoons. People can usually find ways around most anything when they really want to so I think trying to censor the internet in any ways would just be a waste of the Government's time and money.

    Nicole Holzer

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  3. Good post Matt, this article asserts your view on the topic and I agree with the fact that the internet cannot be censored because it is continually growing and evolving. Like Nicole said to try and control something as global as the internet would be monopolizing a new invention. Limiting people from the internet would cause social chaos. Think of trying to limit the use of databases, social networking... it would be a waste of time, not to mention the amount of people that would be able to find loops in the system. Good job choosing a post like this, it really shows your personal opinion. Keep finding articles that are relative to your view point on the subject and you will convince your readers. Good job