Are Ant-Piracy bills like SOPA and ACTA necessary for the protection if intellectual property or violations of freedom of speech and expression?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decision Time

     I firmly believe that any bill put out by governments and councils dealing with Internet piracy will, if passed, censor some aspect of the Internet. The legislators and the agencies at the moment do not have enough knowledge about the way the Internet functions. They don;t realize how inter-connected the Internet is, and how disabling one site has the potential to affect the entire mainframe of the Internet. The Internet has become the largest communication network in the world, and no one should be able to censor it.
     Now, that does not mean that piracy cannot be stopped. The people need to give the governments and legislators more information about how the Internet works, and voice their ideas on how to stop piracy while dodging censorship. Maybe the people can find a way to take care pirating sites, and keep the governments out of it. While these methods may not be as effective at dealing with piracy, they will keep the damaging regulations out of the symbol of world-wide freedom we call the Internet.


  1. I completely agree Matt. These acts attempting to censor the internet are not worth the protection. For many, the internet is where people can and do make their living, and if it were to be censored, they may not be able to do that anymore. The internet provides an escape for some people and can be both helpful yet hurtful. The internet should be censored to stop illegal downloading and such, but not so much to take away the freedom.

    -Nicole Holzer

  2. I agree with you Matt, the internet is a global tool for many people. Most businesses are going viral and making internet websites. The internet provides freedom to all sorts of people. The internet is now the tool for research and to limit it would be more hurtful than helpful. I agree that the internet should not be completely censored but protecting it from illegal activity should be the mission

    -Kai Assoun